Three Things to Know Before Tying the Knot in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is a great and affordable options for couples ready to tie the knot. The city has its own boardwalk, which features a number of bars, restaurants and casinos that are just right for bachelor and bachelorette parties. You’ll also find venues that cater to couples in love and hotels that have wedding planners to help you with the details. Before you rush off to this destination on the spur of the moment though, keep in mind that you need to plan your wedding in advance.

You Need a Marriage License

Television shows and films often feature couples rushing off to Las Vegas with no warning and getting married on the spot. Getting married in Atlantic City takes a little more work though. Unlike Vegas, you must apply for a marriage license before getting married in AC. You usually need to go to the courthouse, apply for a license and wait for approval. It can take 24 hours or longer until you get that license. If you want to plan a wedding in Atlantic City, give yourself plenty of time.

You May Need a Permit

One of the best features of Atlantic City is its beautiful coastline. As you sink your toes in the sand and feel the water lapping at your feet, you might picture yourself exchanging vows on the beach at sunset. Before you pick a date and time though, you need to check with the city. Depending on when and where you marry, you may need a permit. Keep in mind that your wedding guests will also need to share that beach with tourists and locals who want to splash in the water.

Casinos Are One-Stop Shops

While there are dozens of wedding chapels in Atlantic City, give some thought to having your wedding at one of the local casinos. These casinos serve as one-stop shops for couples. Resorts have rooms for your guests and have honeymoon suites available for newlyweds. Some also have large conference rooms and meeting rooms that can easily accommodate even the largest of groups. You may even have the chance to work with a wedding planner or a caterer attached to an on-site restaurant. That caterer can deliver hot and fresh food to your reception. While eloping to Atlantic City is difficult, planning a wedding in this New Jersey town is easy.

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